Forget Juice Cleanses, An Ice Cream Cleanse Exists

Porter: Dieting tips you may want to ignore

Ice Cream Shop in Venice is now offering a four-day cleanse, although its version of ice cream doesn’t contain any dairy products: It’s made from coconut cream. For $240, you get five pints of the stuff each day, plus free daily yoga classes. Owner Kippy Miller tells CBS Los Angeles that 12 people did the cleanse last month and lost weight, and over on Gizmodo, Brent Rose, who was one of those lucky dozen, writes about doing it with his girlfriend. Yes, they lost weight, about 6 pounds for Rose, and closer to 5 pounds for his girlfriend, but they both gained it back within days.
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After that, you begin to envision life in a prison camp. Ive always eaten a lot of turkey and chicken, but I used to order baked potatoes on the side. I like my potatoes with tons of butter as well as cheese and bacon bits. Now, I still order the chicken grilled, not fried but I get applesauce on the side.
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Thats pure garcinia cambogia right, summer; which means its time to crawl out of hibernation and work on getting back that beach body which might have flown south for the winter, leaving you alone and searching for comfort in the form of cookies, pies, and fast-food delivery (we all have a special place in our hearts for Seamless ). The most difficult part of shedding a little extra weight can sometimes be eating healthy, and those cravings for fatty foods just seem to never end. These desires are actually fueled by our bodies craving natural chemicals, which can be found in tons of healthier alternatives to fatty, sugary, or salty snacks. Therefore, were here to help you out and get you back on track with eating right! Heres our guide to substituting foods: if youre craving one thing, try something else instead!
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